Air force launches new-media branch

The IAF will open an English website, Facebook page and Twitter account.

The Israel Air Force Communications Unit announced last week that it will establish an International New Media program.
“Starting this year, the IAF will add a fully operational English website, Facebook page and Twitter account to our regular means of communication,” Lt.-Col. Assaf Librati said.
“We see this as a force multiplier and an important step forward in communicating about Israel, the IDF and the IAF directly with stakeholders around the world.”
Twenty people will work for the program, including photographers, videographers and editors.
One of the unit’s new recruits, Pvt. Stephan Miller, made aliya from the United States in 2008, after having worked as an international political and communications consultant, and as an international political adviser for, among others, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.
“Conversations about Israel today, and certainly the operations and capabilities of the IAF, are no longer limited to traditional media,” Miller said on Wednesday.
“The IAF, especially Lt.-Col. Librati and Maj. [Yael] Bar, understands the importance of participating and influencing these online conversations as well as the great opportunity to share our messages directly with people around the world.”