IDF kills 2 Palestinians trying to infiltrate border

In 2 separate incidents, IDF forces fire upon Palestinians trying to infiltrate Sinai, Gaza borders; no Israelis wounded.

IDF soldier with binoculars 370  (photo credit: REUTERS/Finbarr O'Reilly)
IDF soldier with binoculars 370
(photo credit: REUTERS/Finbarr O'Reilly)
Security forces killed two Palestinians who were trying to infiltrate Israel over the weekend.
In the first incident on Friday morning, border policemen shot and killed a man who was spotted trying to cross into Israel from the Sinai Peninsula along a section of the border where a barrier has yet to be constructed. In accordance with IDF rules of engagement, the policemen called on the man to stop but he continued into Israel. Another man who was with him was wounded.
The men were unarmed and the IDF was investigating whether they were trying to cross into Israel to carry out an attack or to seek work.
IDF medics pronounced one of the infiltrators dead and a helicopter evacuated the second man to a nearby hospital.
In the second incident, on Friday afternoon, a Palestinian man was shot after he approached the Gaza border fence and opened fire on IDF troops. The army said the man was in an area frequently used by terrorists to launch attacks into Israel.
Earlier last week, a Gazan sniper fired 10 bullets at Israeli cars south of Ashkelon, damaging a vehicle and a nearby restaurant. One of the bullets shattered the rear window of a car, leaving broken glass on the car seat of a seven-month-old baby.