Siren sounds as nation drills response to missile attack

During ongoing “Turning Point 5” civil defense exercise, evening siren will allow families to practice response at home; security meets in underground bunker at undisclosed location in Judean Hills.

Missile Drill 311 (photo credit: ben hartman)
Missile Drill 311
(photo credit: ben hartman)
An air siren sounded throughout the country on Wednesday as part of the ongoing “Turning Point 5” nationwide civil defense exercise.  The first siren was heard at 11 in the morning, with an additional siren scheduled for 7 in the evening.
The IDF Home Front Command decided to add an extra siren in the evening in this year’s exercise so families will be able to practice how they respond to missile attacks while at home together – not only in the morning when people are either at work or in school.
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The security cabinet met in an underground bunker  somewhere in the Judean Hills on Wednesday as part of the country’s large-scale war simulation drill.
The undisclosed location where the ministers met is meant for the prime minister and his cabinet in case of a missile attack.
The special “emergency” meeting was scheduled for 8:30 a.m., and the ministers were asked not to bring any advisers or aides.
Meanwhile, on Tuesday – as part the same war drill – dozens of the country’s spokespeople from a variety of government and security bodies simulated how they are to act in time of mass missile attacks.
Home Front Defense Minister Matan Vilna’i, who took part in the exercise, emphasized the importance of carrying out public diplomacy during times of war, saying that today the battle in the media is no less important than that at the front.