At Trajtenberg c'tee, Peres praises social protests

President tells c'tee it holds great responsibility, is looking at deep changes in Israeli society; Trajtenberg says he understands skepticism.

President Shimon Peres at Trajtenberg c'tee 311 (photo credit: Mark Neiman / GPO)
President Shimon Peres at Trajtenberg c'tee 311
(photo credit: Mark Neiman / GPO)
Speaking at the start of a meeting of the socioeconomic committee headed by Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg, President Shimon Peres said that the conduct displayed thus far in the social struggle taking place is has been exemplary: without violence - verbal or physical.
The president said that the social justice movement is very diverse and its participants "are seeking the broadest possible common denominator."
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"The protest movement must affect a real change in priorities in Israel and cannot fail. This protest must create new hope for the people," he added.
Peres described the Trajtenberg committee as "one that stands before a deep and substantial change in Israeli society, Israeli economy, and the unity of the people. Your responsibility is very comprehensive and limitless," he said.
Also speaking at the start of the meeting,  Trajtenberg said that he understands the public's skepticism of the committee but said it should not be dismissed by social justice protesters.
"Some of the protesters doubt our sincerity," he said. "I understand the feeling." However, Trajtenberg added, "We are willing ready and eager to listen to everyone."
Meanwhile, former Finance Ministry director-general Prof. Avi Ben-Beset told the committee that its recommendations could be very limited if it is not allowed to exceed the current budget.
He told members that it would only be possible to increase the state's expenditures if capital taxes are raised at the same time.
The committee was formed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on the heels of the largest social justice protest yet, to pinpoint and propose solutions to socioeconomic problems highlighted by growing protests.
According to the road map outlined by Netanyahu in the cabinet on Sunday, the committee will hold intensive discussion with “different groups and sectors within the public.”
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