Ayalon: US only country capable of advancing peace

Following US veto at UNSC settlement vote, deputy foreign minister says US understands "need for direct talks with Palestinians."

Danny Ayalon 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Danny Ayalon 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said Sunday that the veto on the UN Security Council settlement vote has proven that the US is the only country capable of advancing the peace process.
Speaking during an interview with Israel Radio, Ayalon explained that the US is a country that speaks the truth, which is "the need for direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians."
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Ayalon said that the UN serves as a rubber stamp for the Arab states and that they have an automatic majority in the General Assembly.
Ayalon called on the Palestinians to realize they could not impose anything on Israel; it is best to resume negotiations without preconditions.
On Saturday, the Palestinian Authority confirmed that Abbas had received a phone call from President Shimon Peres following the US veto, apparently urging him not to abandon the peace process.
A PA official said that Abbas reiterated his commitment to the peace process and the two-state solution and stressed the need for a complete cessation of settlement construction.