Cabinet gives nod to Amidror at NSC, okays elderly housing

Absorption packages for Tunisian immigrants get approval funding approved; plan will lead to 5,000 residential units for elderly.

Amidror 311 (photo credit: Nisim Lev)
Amidror 311
(photo credit: Nisim Lev)
The cabinet approved plans on Sunday to build 5,000 residential units for needy elderly citizens eligible for rent subsidies who are waiting for public housing.
Under the plan, various local councils will be able to build sheltered housing for the elderly on land designated for public use.
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The construction financing will come from businesses that will be built in the area as well.
Under the plan, the government will assist those eligible with approximately NIS 1,200 in rental assistance per month, and the people themselves will be asked to pay about NIS 200-300 a month.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said the plan will provide a solution for one of the most impoverished segments of the population.
The cabinet also approved a special assistance package for new immigrants from Tunisia. According to a government statement, the decision was made in light of a worsening of the situation for the 1,500 Tunisian Jews, following the revolution there.
According to the plan, the immigrants – approximately 25 families in the first stage – will receive special assistance worth NIS 15,000 per family, for the 7th- 12th months following their immigration, and NIS 18,000 for the 13th-24th months following their date of immigration. This is in addition to the usual assistance provided to new immigrants.
Netanyahu said “there is real distress among the Jews of Tunisia, many of whom would like to immigrate to Israel. We will increase the absorption basket in order to allow them to do so.
“Israel is the state of the Jews. It worries about Jews wherever they are. Those who are here and those who would like to come here.”
And finally, the government formally approved the appointment of Yaakov Amidror as the new head of the National Security Council, replacing Uzi Arad; and Gidi Schmerling as head of the Prime Minister Office’s National Information Directorate, replacing Nir Hefetz.