Cameron steps down as JNF patron

owning Street says JNF was only 1 of number of charities from which UK prime minister stepped down from recently due to time constraints.

David Cameron 311 (photo credit: Reuters)
David Cameron 311
(photo credit: Reuters)
British Prime Minister David Cameron’s resignation last week as a patron of the Jewish National Fund has been claimed by pro-Palestinian campaigners as being the result of their lobbying efforts, The Guardian reported Sunday.
However, Downing Street stated that the JNF was only one of a number of charities from which Cameron stepped down from recently, due to time constraints, not ideology.
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Sofiah Macleod, of the UK-based Stop the JNF Campaign, told The Guardian that the organization’s lobbying had led Cameron to withdraw.
“There has been a change in public opinion and awareness about Israel’s behavior, and there was specific pressure on [Cameron] to step down from the JNF,” she said. “We believe he has stepped down as a result of this political pressure.
Given the establishment support that the JNF has received, it’s not a decision he will have taken lightly.”