C'tee passes bill banning use of Nazi symbols

Anyone caught using Nazi name-calling, symbols in public to be fined; bill approved after "haredi concentration camp protest."

Swastika grafitti 311 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Swastika grafitti 311
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Anyone who uses Nazi name-calling or symbols in public will be fined NIS 100,000, according to a bill approved by the Ministerial Committee on Legislation on Monday.
The proposal, by MK Uri Ariel (National Union), came after a recent protest by haredi [ultra-Orthodox] groups, in which demonstrators dressed in concentration camp uniforms and wore yellow stars on their clothing.
Creators of Shaham ‘Hitler’ poster arrested Haredi use of Holocaust symbols reaps condemnation
Ariel pointed out that his bill does not differentiate between rioters in Bil’in, “price tag” attackers or haredim that “cynically and inappropriately” use Nazi imagery.
Activists protesting a number of causes have turned to the Nazi slur and symbol in order to raise the stakes on their issues, and catch the public eye.
Two men were arrested, for example, after they uploaded a picture of the Jerusalem police chief donning a Nazi SS uniform.
Holocaust imagery, including the yellow Jewish "Juden" star, was used by ultra-Orthodox protesters in the Geula neighborhood in Jerusalem to protest what they saw as incitement against the haredi community.
Late last year, when right-wing activists stormed an IDF base in the West Bank one vandal called deputy brigade commander Harpaz Zur, who's grandmother survived the Holocaust, a "Nazi."
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