'Egypt charges Grapel with setting fire to police stations'

In addition to espionage, American-Israeli is accused of throwing fire bombs at Egyptian Interior Ministry following revolution, 'Al-Ahram' reports.

Ilan Grapel_311 (photo credit: Channel 10 News)
Ilan Grapel_311
(photo credit: Channel 10 News)
Egypt added setting fire to police stations to the list of charges faced by American-Israeli law student Ilan Grapel, who has been detained in Cairo since June on suspicion of spying for Jerusalem, state-run Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram reported on Monday.
The state reportedly accused Grapel of throwing fire bombs at police headquarters at the Egyptian Interior Ministry in the wake of Egypt’s January revolution, based on witness statements. The charges are in addition to espionage.
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Grapel’s parents were allowed to visit him for the first time late last month, along with US Consul-General to Egypt, Robert Powers.
He served in the IDF and was wounded in the Second Lebanon War, an incident that was well publicized.
An Egyptian court ruled to extend the remand of Grapel by 45 days on September 14, Al-Ahram reported.
Grapel was arrested at his downtown Cairo hotel by Egyptian state security officers in June on suspicion of working for Israeli intelligence to foment sectarian strife and gather intelligence on post-revolution Egypt.
Oren Kessler contributed to this report.