Fallen soldiers recalled at Yad Lebanim memorial

In Jerusalem, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu remembers his brother and friends who died fighting for Israel; Rivlin says last of Israel's wars may not be behind us.

A wreath is laid in honor of IDF widows 370 (photo credit: melanie lidman)
A wreath is laid in honor of IDF widows 370
(photo credit: melanie lidman)
“For bereaved families, time stops when you get the terrible news… it cuts your life in two: what was before, and what will never be again,” Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told more than 200 soldiers and bereaved families gathered for the Yad Lebanim Memorial for the Fallen in Israel’s Wars.
“When you hear the siren tonight, we will turn into one family, and the citizens of Israel will be united in our remembrance,” Netanyahu said at the ceremony, where he was joined by Chief Rabbis Yona Metzger and Shlomo Amar, as well as Knesset speaker Reuven Rivlin and representatives of the police, army, and Home Front Command.
Yad Lebanim (“A Memorial for the Sons”) is the organization that supports bereaved families in cooperation with the Defense Ministry and official government bodies. The Jerusalem memorial, located near the government quarter, is the central memorial for soldiers killed in action in the capital.
Netanyahu spoke to the bereaved families as “my sisters and brothers,” drawing on his own experience of losing his brother, Yonatan Netanyahu, in the Entebbe rescue mission in 1976.
Nava Cohen, who lost her brother in the Yom Kippur War and her son in Hebron during the Second Intifada, spoke on behalf of the bereaved families. “We are always looking for more parts of our son,” she said. “We’re always trying to gather another sentence, another memory, another photograph, so that we can continue to live with our son.” Cohen said the hardest part was following the chain of photographs – from childhood through school and bike trips and finally to the soldier in uniform – until the photos stop abruptly.
“Today, Remembrance Day, is a day when all of Israel is united in the remembrance of these soldiers,” she said. “Every story, from every soldier, is a story of his life and also a story of the nation of Israel.” She also pleaded with the Defense Ministry not to combine the branch that supports bereaved families with other government ministries where it could be overlooked.
Other ceremonies will take place across Israel as the country memorializes those lost in wars and terror attacks with sirens at 8 pm on Tuesday night and 11 am on Wednesday. The Prime Minister will speak at both the official ceremony for the fallen in Israel’s Wars on Wednesday morning as well as the state ceremony for the Victims of Terrorism in Israel and Abroad.
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