Giuliani: Obama should be more supportive of Israel

Former NY mayor latest Republican presidential hopeful to visit Jewish State; rejects notion that Israel responsible for stall in peace talks.

Giuliani 311 Reuters (photo credit: REUTERS)
Giuliani 311 Reuters
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Former New York mayor and potential Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani called on the Obama Administration "to be more supportive of Israel" and more realistic about what the Jewish State is facing. Giuliani made the comments in an interview with Channel 10, which was scheduled to be aired on Saturday.
Giuliani is the latest in a line of Republican presidential hopefuls to visit Israel. Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney and Haley Barbour have all recently paid visits to Israel.
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Giuliani rejected the notion that Israel is responsible for the stagnation in the peace process, saying "the ball is in the Palestinians domain to solve this problem...I think the movement has to come on the Palestinian side."
On Tuesday, Giuliani spoke prior to the Haifa Chamber of Commerce and Industry´s 90th anniversary celebrations, saying he had not yet decided whether he will run for US president in 2012.
Giuliani also addressed Iran's nuclear program, stating that he didn't believe the military option should be taken off the table.