Hamas calls US veto on anti-settlement vote 'immoral'

Group says move to nix UNSC resolution condemning W. Bank settlements shows US administration's bias towards 'occupation.'

hamas (photo credit: majed hamdan / ap )
(photo credit: majed hamdan / ap )
Hamas on Saturday slammed the United States veto on a UN Security Council vote condemning settlements in the West Bank.
Hamas described the US step as an "immoral behavior and a disregard of the international community."
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Hamas added in its statement that the veto shows the American administration's bias towards the "occupation."
Hamas urged the Palestinian Authority to stop all forms of security coordination with Israel.
Also on Saturday, the US consulate in Jerusalem on was restricting staff movement in some Palestinian areas of the West Bank.
It comes a day after the US vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution that would have condemned the policy of building Jewish-only settlements in the West Bank.
Staffers are now banned from personal travel to the town of Jericho, and prohibited from using a border crossing frequented by Palestinians. They are also banned from using some roads. The bans were issued Saturday and will last until Monday.