In meeting with US congressmen, Peres lauds Obama and Kerry for stubborn peace efforts

President also thanks delegation of lawmakers for their "determined stand" against Iran's nuclear program.

Peres speaking (photo credit: Courtesy)
Peres speaking
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Addressing a Congressional delegation from the United States, President Shimon Peres thanked the Congress for its determined stand against the nuclearization of Iran, and was full of praise for the stubborn determination displayed by President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry in bringing about the resumption of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians
Peres told members of the delegation who visited him at his official residence on Wednesday, that the sanctions that the US had taken with regard to Iran were of great importance not only to the US, but to the entire world. The sanctions appear to be working he said – but in case they don't, there are always other options.
He did not elaborate on what these might be.
Peres also related to the recent elections in Iran saying that the results indicated that the people want change. He emphasized that the free world must ensure that Iran does not become a center for terror.  He was critical of the current Iranian regime saying that it was using public funds to develop arms instead of feeding children.
Peres made a sharp distinction between the people and the rulers of Iran, saying that Israel has nothing against the Iranian population with which it wants to live in peace.  It is the regime which is the enemy.
In his observations about the renewal of the peace process, Peres expressed his admiration for Kerry's tenacity, and his appreciation for the staunch support that Kerry had received from Obama with regard to advancing the peace process. Israel was most grateful for the perseverance of both Obama and Kerry, which in the final analysis brought about the renewal of negotiations, he said.
This is not the only reason that Israel is so appreciative of the US, said Peres.  Without the consistent support that Israel has enjoyed from America since day one said Peres, it would have been much more difficult to confront the challenges and dangers with which Israel has to contend throughout the years.