Israel deports 23 'Flightilla' activists to Europe

58 activists remain in Israeli prisons; those who succeeded in entering Israel planning protests in Hebron, Jerusalem.

flightilla activists at ben gurion 311 (photo credit: REUTERS)
flightilla activists at ben gurion 311
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Israel deported some 23 "Flightilla" activists on Monday, leaving only 58 in Israeli prison awaiting flights out of the country.
Six French citizens left Israel on an easyJet flight bound for Switzerland. In addition, 15 Belgian citizens were sent on a Swiss Air flight to Zurich. Two German citizens were flown on Austrian Airlines to Austria. One activists from Belgium was released into Israel, after pledging not to violate any laws.
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An additional 38 activists were deported on Sunday, and four others were released into Israel. In total, Israel had detained 124 activists who flew into Ben Gurion International Airport on Friday as part of grass roots initiative called Welcome to Palestine, which was organized by 40 non-governmental Palestinian groups.
Their aim was to protest the Israeli policy of barring pro-Palestinian international activists from the country, who Israel suspects would participate in protest activities.
Those activists who did make it through, along with others who were already in the country, are participating in a week of events in support of Palestinian statehood and against Israel's continued presence in the West Bank.
On Tuesday the group will be in Hebron. On Thursday and Friday they plan to be in Jerusalem.