Livni: Israel in need of a political revolution

"There must be a bloc and a collaborative decision about a candidate to head the government," says former Kadima leader.

Tzipi Livni 370 (photo credit: Ben Hartman)
Tzipi Livni 370
(photo credit: Ben Hartman)
The government is in need of a political revolution, which no politician can bring about on his own, former opposition leader Tzipi Livni said on Sunday night.
“Israel is in need of dramatic and significant decisions,” Livni said, adding “in order for this to happen there must be a revolution. This isn’t just my decision or up to just me, there must be a bloc and a collaborative decision about a candidate to head the government.”
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Speaking at a meeting of the Green Movement in Tel Aviv, the former Kadima Party head appeared to hint at her support of a unified Center/Center-Left bloc to counter the Likud-Beytenu list, and that she herself doesn’t necessarily need to sit at the top of the unified list. Livni has yet to announce whether or not she will be running in the upcoming election, either in Kadima or a new party.
Livni also criticized Netanyahu for the unity deal with Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman, saying that it ran contrary to all of the principles of the Likud that she was raised with.
She said she remembered the Likud of former prime minister Menachem Begin as one that pursued peace, as opposed to the current Likud-led government “that today stops every path to peace.”
She also said that while Netanyahu and Liberman talked about strength and stability repeatedly last Thursday night, “they are consumed with political fear and have been driven by survivalism for so long and have fed the Israeli public a diet of fear for the past four years.”
In addition, she said Israel could achieve progress with its enemies in the region and also repair ties with allies such such as Turkey that have become worn during the current government’s term.