Livni: PM's actions will cause further boycotting of Israel

Opposition leader says "anti-democratic" Boycott Law will lead to boycotts of products from within the Green Line.

tzipi livni_311 (photo credit: Idan Gross )
tzipi livni_311
(photo credit: Idan Gross )
Opposition leader Tzipi Livni on Thursday criticized Prime Minister Binyamin Netanayhu's government, predicting that its policies will lead to boycotts of products manufactured within the Green Line in addition to already existing boycotts of products manufactured in settlements.
"The prime minister does not know how to distinguish between Yitzhar and Beersheba...his policies will cause boycotts of products made in Yokneam and Dimona," Livni opined in an interview with Israel Radio. The Kadima leader was making reference to the Boycott Bill, passed into law on Monday. The law allows citizens to sue organizations or persons calling for a boycott against Israel or parts of Israel, and forbids the government from funding such organizations.
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Livni said that the bill is "anti-democratic," in that it forbids the public from expressing its opinion.
"This is a measure to silence people that stems from the government's weakness," Livni said.
Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan rejected Livni's statements, saying the Boycott Law does not limit freedom of expression, but rather limits the ability to incite against Israel.
He added that the Boycott Bill had been significantly toned down during the legislative process, noting that criminal penalties for people advocating boycotts were removed from the legislation.