Livni slams PM for withholding details of peace plan

Opposition head says Netanyahu should tell Knesset, public his plan before his speech at US Congress; housing reform must be passed.

Livni 311 reuters (photo credit: reuters)
Livni 311 reuters
(photo credit: reuters)
Opposition leader Tzipi Livni lashed out at Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for not planning to divulge his purported peace plan to the Knesset opposition or Israeli public prior to his trip to US Congress where he is expected to deliver the details, on an interview on Israel Radio on Tuesday
Livni criticized Netanyahu, saying he "has not done anything to advance the peace process" and that his plans will not address the changing situation in the Middle East.
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She stressed that Israel is in a very sensitive situation, and that the peace initiative therefore should be the main concentration of the prime minister. Livni emphasized that the peace efforts are important for Israel in order to "take the world off of our back" and that Netanyahu has not yet offered any real situation to solve the Palestinian issue, saying the Netanyahu is more busy "maintaining his coalition."
Speaking about housing reform, Livni said that the recent calls to lax the bureaucratic measures which currently inhibit contractors from receiving the permits to begin building projects is stuck, despite its importance.
She added that the housing reform could very possibly pass, and that the present Knesset committees discussing the matter could very easily progress the relevant reforms.