Mofaz: No flip flop, I took 'historic' offer

Shaul Mofaz 370 (photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)
Shaul Mofaz 370
(photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)
At Tuesday's press conference announcing the new coalition deal between the government and Kadima, opposition leader Shaul Mofaz was asked how he could justify changing his position from having in only the last days attacked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as a "liar" and one who runs away from solving real problems.
Mofaz made several points in response. First he stated that the opposition leader, as a function of his job description, "must raise issues and do his job." He said he didn't want to allow others to "push off the Tal Law to after an election." Rather, he wanted a "new Tal Law now and afterwords the election."
Next he said that the prime minister told him that he would "put behind them" recent negative statements that Mofaz had made about the prime minister and that they would "look forward and put those statements in the past."
Mofaz also recounted that his predecessor as Kadima party leader, Tzipi Livni, had made a "historic mistake" by not joining a unity government with Netanyahu and that he was "fixing that mistake."
Above all, Mofaz justified his apparent about-turn with the point that the new deal would empower Kadima to solve the four main goals in its platform.
Mofaz continued with an emotional appeal to the public, countering with his own question: "would you say no" if you were offered a "historic opportunity" to do a "major change" and lead to a "new kind of government in Israel."