'Mossad chief to apologize to UK for using passports'

'Telegraph' reports Tamir Pardo will attempt to repair ties with UK damaged by use of cloned British passports in Mabhouh hit.

Tamir Pardo 311 (photo credit: Channel 10 News)
Tamir Pardo 311
(photo credit: Channel 10 News)
New Mossad chief Tamir Pardo intends to apologize to the British for the intelligence agency's use of UK passports in the January assassination of Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, the Telegraph reported on Saturday.
In hopes of repairing relations with the British government, Pardo plans to pledge to UK officials that Israeli agents will no longer be allowed to use fake British documents in overseas operations again, according to the report.
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Israel has not officially acknowledged that it was behind the assassination of Mabhouh.
The Mossad's station chief in London was expelled in March after an investigation reportedly revealed that Israeli agents used British passports in the Mabhouh hit.
According to the Telegraph report, Pardo's predecessor, Meir Dagan, refused to apologize to the British for the cloning of the passports.