Netanyahu urges Israelis to carry on with daily lives, despite events in Syria

As the US reportedly prepares to launch an attack on Syria, PM Binyamin Netanyahu urges Israelis to go about their everyday lives as per usual; security cabinet approves limited call-up of IDF reservists.

Netanyahu R370 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Netanyahu R370
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Even as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday called on Israelis to carry on with their daily routines in light of a possible US strike on Syria, the security cabinet approved a limited call-up of reservists in vital military capacities.
Security sources would not specify how many reservists were to be called up, or to which units, though some reservists attached to the Home-Front command were expected to be among those called up.
In addition, the sources said that the government approved the deployment of advanced anti-missile batteries in the north.
The security cabinet was briefed by Chief of General Staff  Benny Gantz, as well as other senior defense officials.
The information presented at the meeting indicated a "low probability" that Syrian President Bashar Assad would respond to US military action by striking Israel.  Nevertheless, the sources said, Israel was preparing for any eventuality, which explained the limited reserve call-ups.
Following the security cabinet meeting, the second urgent security consultation in as many days, Netanyahu issued a statement Wednesday saying Israelis need not alter their daily routine.
"The IDF is ready to defend against any threat and prepared to respond severely agaisnt any attempt to harm Israeli citizens," he said.
One of the reasons for the "low probability" assessments of a Syrian response against Israel is the assessments in Jerusalem that Syrian President Bashar Assad is cognizant of messages Israel has sent indicating that an attack on Israel would ignite a counter-attack that would bring his regime down.
Netanyahu's appeal to the country's citizenry to carry on with their daily lives came amid a rush on gas mask distribution centers around the country.