New gov't may pass Tal Law change

Camp Sucker movement leaders were pleased that PM was "responsive to public pressure" they exerted on Tal Law.

Protest against Tal Law 390 (photo credit: Ben Hartman)
Protest against Tal Law 390
(photo credit: Ben Hartman)
Leaders of the "Camp sucker" movement welcomed the new expected national unity deal, announced early Tuesday morning, as potentially revolutionary if it follows through on its announced goal of equality of military service to the state.
Early Tuesday morning, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Kadima party leader Shaul Mofaz announced they had reached a unity deal for a new coalition which would focus on bringing about equality of military service.
Part of the deal included agreement that Kadima will lead a committee that will work towards approving an alternative to the Tal Law - which allows ultra-Orthodox men to indefinitely defer army service - by the August 1 deadline.
The movement's leaders also support the new expected coalition's goal of changing the government system's to increase stability and diminish the influence of small special interest parties.
"We are pleased that the prime minister was responsive to public pressure we applied to him and that he plans to follow through on his commitment" to ensure that all Israeli citizens, including haredim and Arabs, perform military or national service for the state, said the statement issued by the movement's leaders Edan Miller and Boaz Nol. 
"Mofaz understands the historic opportunity and has responded to it," read the statement. "We do not understand politics, we are only interested in results. You have to understand - if within three months a law is passed obligating all citizens in service and changing the structure of government, it would be a revolution," said Miller and Nol's press release.
The statement concluded that the movement will "keep track of the commitments made while anticipating real and unequivocal results according to the commitments made by the prime minister."
Meanwhile, Netanyahu assured members of United Torah Judaism (UTJ) Tuesday morning that haredim (ultra-Orthodox) would be full partners in discussing a Tal Law replacement, Israel Radio reported.
The Tal Law, which allows haredim to permanently defer military service, will have to be replaced by August, when it is due to expire.
According to the report, Netanyahu updated MKs Ya'acov Litzman and Moshe Gafni on the coalition early Tuesday morning, and assured them that the new law would not forcibly draft haredim, but create an inclusive framework.
UTJ reacted positively to Netanyahu's decision to form a unity government, according to the report.