Obama praises Jewish compassion, perseverance

US president makes appearance at Jewish leaders, luminaries event attended by Jewish US Supreme court justices, Eli Wiesel among others.

Obama 311 reuters (photo credit: Reuters)
Obama 311 reuters
(photo credit: Reuters)
WASHINGTON – US President Barack Obama praised American Jews for standing up for the rights of others, even as they themselves have faced significant obstacles, at a reception honoring Jewish American Heritage Month on Tuesday.
“Jewish Americans have always stood up for freedom and democracy around the world, and that includes our unshakable support and commitment to the security of the State of Israel,” he said. “The Jewish people have always persevered.”
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Obama made a brief appearance at the event for Jewish leaders and luminaries, including Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel, two of the three Jewish US Supreme court justices and several Jewish members of the House and Senate.
The event, which grew to 300 people this year according to the White House, was a much more modest undertaking than the first Jewish American Heritage Month reception held last year, which included former pitching ace Sandy Koufax and author Judy Blume.
This year the guests were serenaded by the Yeshiva University a capella group “The Maccabeats,” whose video went viral on YouTube over Hanukah, and treated to an exhibit of Jewish memorabilia from the Library of Congress.