Olmert lawyers leave conference over former A-G speech

Two attorneys for former PM Olmert angrily leave legal conferenceafter verbally sparring with former Mazuz.

Ehud Olmert speaks following verdict (photo credit: Screenshot)
Ehud Olmert speaks following verdict
(photo credit: Screenshot)
Two attorneys for former prime minister Ehud Olmert angrily left a Bar Association legal conference on Tuesday after verbally sparring with former attorney-general Menahem Mazuz.
Mazuz said while addressing the conference that he stood behind the decisions he made as attorney-general, as related to sanctioning legal proceedings against Olmert. The former prime minister was cleared of multiple graft charges earlier this year, but a ruling in the Holyland corruption case against him is still pending.
Olmert’s attorneys Navot Tal Tzur and Navit Negev interrupted Mazuz’s speech, saying that they were not prepared to take part in a discussion in which an ongoing case they were involved in was being discussed.
Former justice minister Tzipi Livni said at the conference that there was currently a battle taking place between Israelis who believe the authority is the law as defined by the courts, and those who consider Halacha the authority as defined by their rabbi.
Livni warned about the growth of the haredi population and complained about recent comments from Shas mentor Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, calling secular judges and those who turn to them wicked, and their courts “courts of goyim.”
“We have a five-year window of opportunity to legislate a constitution,” Livni said. “After that, children who learn to prefer their rabbi over the law will decide what the State of Israel is. We need a constitution to set Israel’s legal values as a Jewish, democratic state. This is the most important struggle and it is forbidden to sweep it under the rug.”