On J'lem day, PM firm that city will never be divided

Speaking at Merkaz Harav, prime minister says he'll continue building in the capital; "next year, Jerusalem will be even more [built up]."

[Bibi glasses] Binyamin Netanyahu 311 (photo credit: REUTERS)
[Bibi glasses] Binyamin Netanyahu 311
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that Israel will continue to build and develop Jerusalem and the city will never be divided, in a speech at the Merkaz Harav yeshiva in Jerusalem on Tuesday night.
"We need to continue our actions, to continue the building [and to continue] the development," the prime minister said in a speech ahead of Jerusalem Day at the yeshiva that has played a great role in the growth of religious Zionism.
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Israel, Netanyahu said, "is in a great struggle but we have [made] significant accomplishments. Forty-four years ago, IDF soldiers realized the prophets' vision and returned Jerusalem to its proper place."
The prime minister added, "A Jerusalem will never be divided," adding, "There's nothing more holy to us than Jerusalem, we'll protect Jerusalem, it's unity, and we'll build and develop it."
Next year, Netanyahu said, "Jerusalem will be even more [built up]."