'PM asks Shin Bet to investigate PMO officials'

Netanyahu suspected officials leaked sensitive security information to journalists, asked them to take polygraph tests, Army Radio reports.

netanyahu stinkeye 311 (photo credit: Haim Tzach)
netanyahu stinkeye 311
(photo credit: Haim Tzach)
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu ordered the Shin Bet (Israeli Security Agency) to investigate senior officials in his office on suspicion that they leaked sensitive security information to journalists, reported Army Radio on Thursday.
Several PMO officials have already been investigated and made to take polygraph tests, among them the head of the National Security Council Uzi Arad, Cabinet Secretary Zvi Hauser, and former PMO spokesman Nir Hefetz.
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Based on the investigation, the Shin Bet said that the information leaks were not carried out by any PMO employees and that the suspected violations had proved to be mere speculation.
The results of the investigation have all been passed on to the attorney general, added the Shin Bet.
In a surprise move last week, Hefetz announced his resignation. Hefetz, who came to the Prime Minister's Office from Yedioth Ahronoth in the summer of 2009, issued a statement saying he recently informed Netanyahu that he wanted to leave his position and return to the private sector.
"I thank the prime minister for the privilege  given me to serve the country under his leadership, and for the trust he put in me," Hefetz said.