PM: PA denial of Jewish claims to Kotel is 'reprehensible'

Netanyahu says PA's support of study refuting Jewish link to Western Wall "calls into serious question its intentions of reaching peace."

kotel western wall praying great 512 ap (photo credit: AP)
kotel western wall praying great 512 ap
(photo credit: AP)
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu responded Thursday to the Palestinian Authority's denial of the link between Jewish people and the Western Wall, saying the denial is "reprehensible and scandalous," according to a statement released by the PM's media adviser.
"The Western Wall has been the Jewish People's most sacred place for almost 2,000 years, since the destruction of the Second Temple. This is not the only instance in which Palestinians are trying to distort historical facts in order to deny the deep and historic link between the Jewish People and its homeland," Netanyahu said.

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He added that, "When the Palestinian Authority denies the link between the Jewish People and the Western Wall, it calls into serious question its intentions of reaching a peace agreement, the foundations of which are coexistence and mutual recognition."
"The Government of Israel expects Palestinian Authority leaders to disavow and condemn the aforesaid document, refrain from distorting historical facts and encourage the creation of a bridge to peace that will lead to an historic reconciliation between the two peoples," the prime minister said.
On Tuesday, Netanyahu's spokesman Mark Regev also commented on the PA's denial of the Western Wall's Jewish claims, calling on the Palestinian leadership to publicly disassociate itself from the “study” and saying “this is not the sort of statement to be expected from a partner in peace.”
The Palestinian Authority's Ministry of Information in Ramallah published on Monday a paper stating that the Western Wall belongs to Muslims and is an integral part of Al-Aksa Mosque and Haram al-Sharif (the Islamic term for the Temple Mount complex, meaning the Noble Sanctuary).
The paper, which has been presented as a “study,” was prepared by Al-Mutawakel Taha, a senior official with the ministry, to “refute” Jews’ claims to the Western Wall.
The document claims there isn’t one stone in the wall that belongs to the era of King Solomon.

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