PM: World understands Israel isn't blocking ME peace

Netanyahu says Palestinians are to blame because they are unwilling to make progress in peace process due to Iranian pressure.

Netanyahu serious with flag 311 ap (photo credit: Associated Press)
Netanyahu serious with flag 311 ap
(photo credit: Associated Press)
The international community is starting to understand that Israel is not the obstacle to peace in the Middle East, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Thursday, according to Israel Radio. Instead, he said, the Palestinians are to blame.
The prime minister said the Palestinians are not willing to move forward with the peace process due to Iranian pressure and internal tensions within Fatah.
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The world understands that the nuclear arming of Iran is the main problem in the Middle East now, and not the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Netanyahu added.
Speaking at a meeting with Russian-speaking journalists, Netanyahu also reiterated his promise to ask US President Barack Obama to release Jonathan Pollard from prison.
The prime minister declined to comment on the matter of Gilad Schalit, saying only that the state is constantly working to free him.
Netanyahu also spoke about the fatal Carmel Mountain fires, stating that he will oppose the establishment of an inquiry committee into the circumstances of the fire because it would delay the implementation of repairs caused by the fire.