'Price tag' sprayed on Peace Now offices in Jerusalem

Threat also received saying bomb had been hidden in building where left-wing organization operates; police search area for suspects.

price tag 311 (photo credit: Tovah Lazaroff)
price tag 311
(photo credit: Tovah Lazaroff)
Peace Now activists said Sunday night that the words "price tag" had been sprayed on the walls of the building where the movement operates in Jerusalem.
The suspected perpetrator of the attack apparently buzzed on the office's intercom and said that a bomb had been hidden in the building, the organization said in statement posted on their Facebook page.
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Police opened an investigation and were carrying out a search of the area for suspects.
"Tonight, for the second time this week, vandals have attacked Peace Now offices in Jerusalem and announced over the intercom to occupants of the building that it was a "price tag" attack and in ten minutes the building would explode," the Facebook statement read. "Residents were startled when they discovered that 'price tag' had been sprayed on the building."
"Price tag offenders are repeatedly emerging and the political and security institutions continue to ignore the situation and have not even made ​​one arrest," the statement continued.
In September, right-wing demonstrators spray-painted “Price Tag Migron” on the entrance to a building in the Katamon neighborhood of Jerusalem where an activist who works as the head of the Settlement Watch Team for Peace Now lives.
“They know where we live and they’re trying to frighten us,” she said. “We don’t need to be frightened, we need to take it seriously and be careful, but not be afraid.”
The vandals also wrote “Peace Now, the end is near,” “Revenge,” “Migron Forever” and “Death to traitors” up the stairwell of the building. The graffiti was cleaned after police investigated the scene.