Terror victims' families condemn prisoner swap

"Even appeal to High Court won't help," says Shalom Rahum of release of son's murderer; infrastructures minister calls deal "victory for terror."

Sbarro Terror Attack 311 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Sbarro Terror Attack 311
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Shalom Rahum, father of terror victim Ofir Rahum, condemned on Wednesday the freeing of his son's murderer as part of the Israel-Hamas prisoner exchange that will see the release of Gilad Schalit, according to Army Radio.
Amna Mouna, Ofir's killer, will be freed and sent abroad.
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"We're talking about scum of the earth that will go back to terror," Shalom said. "Even an appeal to the High Court won't help."
Ofir was murdered in 2001 when he traveled to Ramallah to meet a girl he had become romantically involved with via an Internet chat site.
When the two met, several masked men approached the youth and shot him, and then dragged his body to the side of the road in El Bireh not far from Psagot. The body was later taken by Palestinian security officials and eventually handed over to Israeli officials.
Objections to the prisoner swap could be seen on Tuesday night across the street from celebrations at Noam and Aviva Schalit's tent. Lea Schijveschuurder, whose parents and three siblings were murdered in the terrorist attack at Sbarro, held a sign that said “The blood of my parents is screaming in their grave.”
It is unclear if the terrorists involved with the Sbarro attack will be on the list of 1,027 prisoners to be released.
She also held a sign that read “I hope the terrorists from the Sbarro attack carry out a terror attack against the Schalit family,” though she put the sign away after requests from Schalit supporters and the police.
“Do they want them to kill more people?” a tearful Schijveschuurder asked the Post as she stood opposite the Schalit tent and fended off arguments from Schalit supporters. “For me, enough people have died.”
National Infrastructures Minister Uzi Landau (Israel Beiteinu), one of only three ministers who voted against the deal to free Schalit, said overnight Tuesday that releasing terrorists gives an incentive for further kidnapping of soldiers.
"This is a big victory for terror and a strike against Israel's deterrence ability and security," Landau told reporters following the cabinet vote.
Landau added that despite his opposition to the deal, following its approval by the government, ministers should do everything in their power to implement its completion and speed Schalit's return home.
The Israel Beiteinu minister added that he would like to see "a fundamental change in Israel's approach to kidnappings."
Margot Dudkevitch contributed to this report
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