Tibi saved my life in Spain, says Israeli vacationer

After Israeli Arab mistakenly dives into shallow pool, MK and doctor Ahmed Tibi ensures hospital treats him despite lack of medical insurance.

An Israeli Arab credited MK Ahmed Tibi (United Arab List- Ta’al) on Monday with saving his life after he mistakenly dove into shallow water in Barcelona.
As Yediot Aharonot first reported, Fadi Massarwa, 28, broke vertebrae in his neck and nearly became paralyzed from injuries he sustained from the dive. His family contacted Tibi, who is their neighbor in the Arab village Taiba and is also a medical doctor.
The MK, who happened to be vacationing in Barcelona, made sure Massarwa was treated in a Barcelona hospital despite not having medical insurance. He also arranged for an Israeli orthopedist to examine Massarwa.
When the orthopedist insisted that Massarwa be flown to Israel for surgery lying down, El Al said there were no flights available. But Tibi had recently passed a bill into law regarding compensation for passengers for cancellations. El Al found two passengers willing to fly later and Massarwa compensated them for the price difference for their seats.
Massarwa landed Friday and had surgery at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center. He returned home to Taiba on Monday and wrote on Facebook that Tibi had saved his life.
“We called Ahmed because he is a family friend, and he was in Barcelona for a soccer game,” Massarwa’s mother Feda told The Jerusalem Post. “He did everything possible to help Fadi, and we are very grateful to him. No matter where Ahmed goes, he helps everyone, especially if they are from Taiba. Now are son will be fine, thank God and thanks to Ahmed Tibi.”