Landau signs renewable energy agreement with Cyprus

Agreement signed by national infrastructure minister will allow for exchange of information, experience, consultation and guidance in installation, operation of renewable energy systems.

Landau (photo credit: Ahikam Seri/Bloomberg)
(photo credit: Ahikam Seri/Bloomberg)
National Infrastructure Minister Dr. Uzi Landau signed an agreement on Thursday with the Republic of Cyprus’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism for future cooperation on renewable energy and energy efficiency, the ministry announced that evening.
The agreement, which will span a period of three years and will be subsequently renewed for another three years – unless terminated by prior written notice – will allow for the exchange of information, experience, consultation and guidance in the installation and operation of renewable energy systems, according to the text of the deal.
Specifically, the countries will enjoy reciprocal consultation in lab testing solar water heating systems and developing methods and software for insuring energy efficiency. As both Israel and Cyprus work on establishing regulations on energy performance for buildings, home appliances and air conditioners, the countries will share their experiences.
“Exploring the potential for mutually benefiting for EU policies and programs in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency” will also be key, the agreement continues.
Each ministry will appoint a contact person within 30 days of signing the agreement and in each cooperative effort, the party who initiates any given project will be responsible for the expenses, unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties.
“Disputes arising from this agreement shall be settled in a friendly manner between the two parties, through diplomatic channels, without referring to a third party,” the agreement said.