Startup helps find best kindergarten match for children

Infogan, an internet-based platform, is designed to ease the search process for kindergartens, according to parents’ needs.

Children in kindergarten classroom 311 (photo credit: woodlywonderworks)
Children in kindergarten classroom 311
(photo credit: woodlywonderworks)
Yahel Kaplan writes for No Camels.
Long journeys around the block, endless conversations with neighbors and friends, comparing information and prices; the search for the perfect kindergarten for our tiny loved ones can often be rather unbearable.
That’s how Infogan came about: An internet-based platform designed to ease the search process for kindergartens, according to parents’ needs.
Infogan offers an exact cross-reference of kindergartens based on address, with the help of an interactive map. Beyond enabling parents to search for local kindergartens, Infogan also publishes an array of information about the kindergartens, including teacher details, contact information and curriculum schedules. There is even a feature allowing parents to chat directly with the teachers.
Infogan’s CEO, Lior Shalev, explains the idea came out of “a conversation with a friend, complaining that kindergarten search is a nightmare, since kindergartens rarely have much easy-to-access information available.”
The site also incorporates tips and suggestion sections. The “articles” section includes reviews about legislation, different kinds of kindergartens, recommended books and information about various educational methods as well as nutrition tips and recipes. On the site’s video section there are various videos about with topics ranging from safety in the house, to driving with a child in the car and first aid for children.
Of the benefits of online search methods versus word-of-mouth, Shalev said: “Today, people already search for kindergartens via the web, but it provides them with a non-suitable solution, since most of the results are index-sites. Infogan’s site is designed to become a ‘One-Stop-Shop’”.
Infogan also allows each kindergarten on its site to create its own mini-site, with information about the educational curriculum, activities and notes from the teachers.
Infogan is currently only active in Israel and is available only in Hebrew, but is planning to expand worldwide, starting with the United Kingdom and the Unites States.
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