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Megan Jacobs
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TRY ONE YOURSELF>>> Age: 23 Residence: Jerusalem Married? With children? Not Yet Occupation: Writer Education: BA in English and French from University of Michigan Pets: Maddie, a lhasa apso-poodle mix, who I wish were with me in Israel Religious affiliation / observance: Jewish Last person / party I voted for: John Kerry, Democrat Next person / party I will vote for: Undecided, Democrat My history (100 words max): I was born and raised in Michigan, where I also went to University. I love to travel, and have lived in France as well as Israel Family history (100 words max): I am the middle child between two great brothers, only daughter to amazing parents with loving grandparents and a warm extended family who loves to laugh and play scrabble My connection with Israel: I have always been a proud Jew, grew up in a Jewish home in Southeast Michigan. My favorite holiday is Pesach and I have always loved the cultural Jewish connections. In 2005 I came to Israel for the first time on Birthright through Oranim and fell in love with it; after graduating from University of Michigan, I came back for 6 months to live in Jerusalem, write and eat a lot of hummus What I would take with me to a deserted island: My family and friends, a camera, lots of water, a deck of cards and poker chips. Perhaps an inflatable boat, too If I could have dinner with any person in the world it would be: William Faulkner Which feminine/masculine trait would I like to have: I wish I had the innate masculine desire to play around with electronics until I have figured out how to fix it What angers you: Holocaust denial, hypocrisy, sore losers and toothpaste left in the sink What makes you happy: Sleeping in, long walks on sunny days, close family and friends, unexpected poetic lines, hammocks, and excellent breakfast food Last book I read was: Portnoy's Complaint by Philip Roth Comfort food: macaroni and cheese My life five years from now: In a happy, healthy relationship with a job that I love, two dogs and time to enjoy life You may not like it but I have something controversial to say: I do not think that peace will come as a result of land concessions Happiness: 1-10 (10 being the happiest) 9 Click here to leave a message for Megan TRY ONE YOURSELF>>> Meet all 'About Me' participants