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Merle Shewchuk
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Try one yourself, be on JPost.com's home page>>> Age: 55 Residence: Herzliya, Israel Married? With children? Married, no kids Occupation: Retired Education: BA in English Pets: 2 beautiful Shi Tzu sisters Religious affiliation / observance: Jewish secular Last person / party I voted for: Kadima My history (100 words max): My husband & I made aliya in January 2005 from Toronto, Canada after I retired in October 2004 from my 29 year career at Bell Canada. My husband retired from Ontario Hydro in May 2000. We met at York University and married in 1982. We have travelled extensively most noteably during our 7 month around the world trip in 1993-4 Family history (100 words max): Both of my parents were born in Glasgow, Scotland however my paternal & maternal grandparents were from Russia. My paternal grandfather left Russia during the pogroms that killed all of his family. My mother is the only member still alive of her 9 siblings. My brother & I were both born in Glasgow, Scotland and immigrated to Toronto, Canada with my parents in 1955 My connection with Israel: My first Israeli experience was in 1977 when I was a volunteer on Kibbutz Yad Mordechai. Although Kibbutz life was not for me, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and fell in love with the country. Israel gave me the sense of belonging that I was looking for and a meaninful purpose. I returned to Toronto but in my heart I knew that Israel was my home and that one day I would make aliya Defining moment: 1977 in Jerusalem overlooking the city trying decide whether to stay in Israel or return to Toronto Daily routine: 7:30am - wake up to the birds singing on the tree across from our terrace 10am - 3pm Exercise, swim and friendly conversations at the Herzliya Country Club or volunteer at the ESRA office Gan Rachel Herzliya 4pm - Feed the feral cats that live around my building & freshen their water 5pm - 7pm watch the new, read, chat with friends & family on MSN & e-mail 7pm - dinner with my husband Evening - read or watch a movie On Friday night... We usually have a quiet dinner together or, on occasion join my cousins in Kfar Saba Last book I read was: Impossible by Danielle Steel Comfort food: Anything with chocolate My mentor: My wonderful friend Barbara in Toronto 3 wishes: 1. Peace in Israel 2. Love & joy in my family, my friends & my life 3. That every cat & dog would have a loving & caring home Happiness: 1-10 (10 being the happiest) 9 Try one yourself, be on JPost.com's home page>>> Meet all 'About Me' participants