About Me: Monica Polgar Sarudiansky

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monica pulgar
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Editor's Note: Due to a technical problem in our mail server, some About Me forms have been lost. If you've sent one and have yet to appear, please re-send along with your photo Try one yourself >>> Age: 34 Residence: Tel Aviv Married? With children? Yes, yes Occupation: Full-time mom Education: Psychologist Pets: Nope Religious affiliation / observance: Jewish / secular Last person / party I voted for: Long time ago in Argentina ... My history (100 words max): I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and made aliya in 2002. Since then I have married and have a 5 month old baby, Dan Family history (100 words max): My father is Hungarian, escaped the Nazis and later the communists during the 1956 revolution, and settled in Argentina to reunite with surviving relatives. My mother's family came to Argentina from Germany and Lithuania in the early 1900s My connection with Israel: I fell in love with Israel on a vacation trip, but it started early on with my mother's description of Israel's beauty and by reading about its incredible heroic history Defining moment: Aliyah, and the birth of my first son Daily routine: My son wakes me up early in the morning, about 6, and the rest of the day is dedicated to him, we play, go to the park, etc, and I also take care of the house On Friday night, I... Usually stay home, cook a special dinner and enjoy a movie Last book I read was: From Beirut to Jerusalem Comfort food: Chocolate, dulce de leche My mentor: My parents 3 wishes: To be able to see my parents often, to have a happy marriage, and the best possible life for my son Happiness: 1-10 (10 being the happiest) 9 Try one yourself >>> Meet IDF combat soldier Nicole and all 'About Me' participants