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Residence: Kibbutz Yiftach, Israel Married? With children? Nope Occupation: IDF soldier Education: Some college Pets: Nope Religious affiliation / observance: Jewish / conservative-traditional Last person / party I voted for: Likud Family history (100 words max): My dad is Israeli born and my mom was born in Morocco but raised in Israel. They both served in the army. After the birth of my sister they moved to the States, where I was born. Defining moment: Making aliya and becoming a female combat soldier. Favorite holiday and why? Yom Kippur, I like the repenting of all the sins I have committed. After the holiday I feel good about myself like I have a clean new start. On Friday night, I... When I'm at my grandparents, a nice Shabbat dinner; when I'm at the kibbutz sleeping and then going out. Comfort food: Anything my grandma cooks. The woman is amazing! My mentor: My commanders in basic training. I love them more than anything. 3 wishes: That israel will one day see peace but not at the cost of returning all of the territories. That my family will be happy and healthy. That I will be happy and health. TRY ONE YOURSELF