'Heaps of debris will watch their victory march'

"The Ghetto Freezes" Collapsed walls will salute the conquerors And heaps of debris will watch their victory march. They will discover the Pompeii of our time. No one will blow trumpets in their honor. Under the ruins of houses the large Graveyard of humankind will be exposed. In front of their terrified eyes The frozen ghetto will appear. They will not understand this awful spectacle The victors of our time. They will not be able to understand our dreadful suffering. Will not understand the fear, or the darkness, or the overcrowding. They will not feel the greedy hunger that gnawed at us And in their silence, they will honor the dead. They will remain standing in front of the frightening sight, And then they will celebrate their enormous triumph And become inebriated with the joy of victory. From Avraham Cytryn's Lodz notebooks as translated into English in Youth Writing Behind the Walls