'Judaism never was a "Patriarchal" religion... men made it so'

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This is your chance to voice your opinion. We've chosen a controversial / interesting entry that appeared on our site (talkback, blog, etc...) and we want to know what you have to say about it. TODAY'S HOT POTATO: Taken from article: Modesty Blasé: Mothers and fathers Talkback #: 2 Talkbacker: Dan J, USA Text: To me the Orthodox "regulations" on women are ridiculous and harming to Jewish life. Since the "Red Tent" obligation, women in the Orthodox community are in a denigrating position. Judaism never was a "Patriarchal" religion... men made it so. Praying all day in Synagogue hasn't helped us Jews when the Pogroms occurred. Ask the Israelis... and they'll say that planes, tanks and soldiers help. By the way I am a man who loves his Judaism and respects most aspects of Orthodox Life. Without women we Jews would no have heritage. Let some guy carry a baby for nine months! What do you think? The ball is in your court now. Click here to respond