Who was your favorite 'About Me'?

Who was the funniest? Who was the most controversial? Who was the most interesting? Cast your vote.

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Before a whole new 'About Me' section is launched, we are holding a Favorite 'About Me' vote. The candidates below have been selected according to the amount of traffic their page received and your talkbacks. Cast your vote by selecting your favorite candidate and hitting the submit button. The vote will be held open from February 27th until March 9th. Happy voting and stay tuned for a whole new 'About Me'. * * * • Ben Mendales, Yotvata, Israel. What angers you: "Adults who throw tantrums in public in front of their children." • Shana Katz, Israel. To a deserted island, I would take: "A gorgeous man, and a bikini" • Maximus Decimus Meridius, Herzliya. Something controversial to say: "There'll never be peace with cats" • Odelya Glick, Jerusalem. My family history: "My ancestors were Hagaon MiVilna's students that made Aliya around 220 years ago" • Ben Hartman, Tel Aviv and Austin, TX. Something controversial to say: "I would not recommend Aliya to most Jews. It's really not for everyone" • Tom Kenis, Ramallah. Something controversial to say: "Both Israel and Palestine will be part of the EU and NATO by 2017" • Khaled Kwiek, USA. Something controversial to say: "Jerusalem does not belong to Arabs or Jews. We all have the right to live there" • Megan Jacobs, Jerusalem. Feminine/masculine trait I'd like to have: "I wish I had the innate masculine desire to play around with electronics" • Annie Tracy, Tel Aviv. If I could have dinner with any person in the world it would be: "Muhammad"