Bill would merge emergency service call lines into a single phone number

The contact numbers for the various emergency service centers may soon be combined into one easy-to-remember free line.

Anew bill proposes that instead of having to memorize the differentnumbers for each emergency service, people will be able to call onenumber. The bill was introduced by Knesset Finance Committee ChairmanMoshe Gafni and MK Uri Maklev, both of United Torah Judaism, at the endof last month.

The emergency line would centralize the Israel Police, MagenDavid Adom and Fire Services, in addition to any other emergencyservice offices deemed suitable by the communications minister.

It is often difficult for those in need of assistance,especially immigrants, children and the elderly, to remember variousnumbers. A centralized phone number should make it easier for people toreceive the appropriate help quickly.

Zeev Kashash, CEO of United Hatzalah of Israel, called this a "blessed and welcome initiative."

"It is important to remember that when we speak of saving aperson's life, it is forbidden for us to lose even one minute," Kashashsaid.