'Discovered' Sudanese refugees get check-ups

26 refugees, 11 of them children, have been adopted by the Beersheba Goldin Tulip Hotel.

Sudanese refugees 88 (photo credit: )
Sudanese refugees 88
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Twenty-six Sudanese refugees, 11 of them children, were discovered in the Emek Industrial Zone in Beersheba this week and adopted by the city's Golden Tulip Hotel. A pediatric department team at Soroka University Medical Center came to the hotel to examine the children and give them medical treatment. Their temperature and blood pressure was tested, and wounds were bandaged. The children are in good condition, said the doctors, although some are weak and suffer from viral infections, for which they were treated. Pediatrician Dr. Yehuda Aflalo, who speaks Arabic, conversed with the parents and advised them on further treatment. The hospital also sent disposable diapers, bottles with mother's milk substitute, medications and basic equipment for the refugees, who arrived via Egypt.