Hospitals crippled as flu epidemic continues

Wolfson Hospital in Holon was forced to place patients not only in the corridors but also in the dining hall.

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cold flu image 88
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As the winter reaches its peak, so too is the flu epidemic which has been crippling hospitals throughout Israel. Hospital officials are warning of insufficient care due to a lack in hospital beds and equipment. "Pillows, blankets and towels are in shortage. Intensive care units are packed forcing the hospital to put patients whose situation isn't as severe in the waiting hall," patients said. According to Dr. Eran Segal, "There are about 800 patients who are connected to respirators, 500 of them not in the ICU. This number is very worrying." Director of the Wolfson Hospital in Holon, Dr. Yitzhak Berlovitch, was forced to place patients, not only in the corridors but also in the dining hall, Army Radio reported. "Despite the fact that the population grows over time, and therefore the number of patients rises as well, the health system remains stagnant. Israel has the lowest hospital beds to citizens ratio in the Western world," he said. "It's time that the government of Israel draft a plan to boost the number of hospital beds."