Israeli women's sex habits exposed

'La'isha' poll finds them liberal in bed, comfortable with their bodies.

sexy 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
sexy 88
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Seventy-two percent of Israeli women experience an orgasm while having sex and know exactly where their 'G' spot and know how to derive enjoyment from it, according to a survey conducted by the women's magazine La'isha and released Monday. Fifteen percent fake an orgasm regularly and 42% fake it rarely. The annual survey by Yediot Aharonot's weekly women's magazine revealed that the Israeli woman is liberal and daring (71.6%), knows what she wants in bed and says it (71%), enjoys her body and does not hide it under the blankets (87%). The survey was conducted and analyzed by polling company Geocartography Knowledge Group and surveyed 14,840 Israeli women aged 18 and older. According to the survey, a third of the women feel like having sex on a daily basis, while 45% are in the mood once or twice a week. Sixteen percent of the women said they lusted for sex once or twice a month, most of them over age 56, widows and single mothers. Almost 5% of women said they had no sexual urge at all. In practice, the survey reveals, only 22% of women have sex on a daily basis while the vast majority, 56%, do it once or twice a week. Eighteen percent of women have sex once or twice a month and 4% abstain completely. A third of the Israeli women said they have had sex with two to five partners in their lives. One quarter had 6-10 partners, and 12.5% had up to 20 partners. Almost 18% of the women said they had only one partner and 3% said they were virgins. Women are liberal when it comes to practicing safe sex. Almost 32% of the surveyed women said they used a condom in accordance with the impression their partner makes. A little over than 7% said they trusted their partner even if they were having a "one-night stand" and almost 13% said they never used a condom, down 14% from last year's survey. Nonetheless, the current survey indicates an increase in the number of women who always use condoms when having sex with a new partner - 48%, compared to 36% in the past survey. Most (71.6%) Israeli women referred to themselves as liberal and daring in bed, while almost one quarter of them (22.5%) defined themselves as "modest" and 5.2% admitted they were "very shy." Most Israeli women have positive feelings about their bodies, with almost half of them reporting they had sex with the lights are on regularly, while 40% of surveyed women said do so occasionally. A total of 23% found their bodies "very attractive," 36% defined their figures as "nice-looking' and 30% said that their bodies were "just fine," while only 1.3% said they hated how their bodies look. Ninety percent of women said they had sexual fantasies and 65.5% of them described them to their partners. The survey found 71% of the surveyed women shared their desires in bed with their partner and directed them. A total of 21% shared their sexual desires only rarely and 8% never did. Half of the women said they enjoyed watching erotic materials (films, Web sites, books), out of which 37% enjoyed both erotic and pornography and 12% watched only erotic substances. One third of the women had no interest in erotic materials and 17% were repulsed by both erotic and pornography. Nonetheless, 83% of the women do not care if their partners watch it and 55% of them even encourage it. Sixteen percent of women said they would feel betrayed if they found out their partners watch pornography and erotic materials. Most women (70%) enjoy performing oral sex and 23% said they did not enjoy doing it. Almost 8% refused to do it. Meanwhile, 77% of women enjoyed receiving oral sex, while 14.4% said they did not enjoy it and 8% said it repulsed them.