Israelis are buying healthier food

According to A.C. Nielsen's on-line consumer market surveys.

granola 298.88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
granola 298.88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Israelis made healthier grocery purchases in 2006, according to A.C. Nielsen's on-line consumer market surveys. Granola purchases rose by 23 percent last year; fruit-flavored yogurt and breakfast cereals also became more popular by approximately 15%. The rise in healthful foods saw a concurrent decline in unhealthy grocery consumption. Ice cream, burekas and cookies declined by about 2%. Chocolate, cake and wafer consumption dipped by approximately 7%. Israelis purchased 13% fewer frozen pizzas in 2006. Purchases of household items also increased last year. Food, drinks, cleaning materials and toiletries saw a 3% increase from 2005. "Israelis are taking better care of their homes," said Nitzan Holzberg, spokesperson for A.C. Nielsen. Israelis are also changing their drinking habits. Purchases of alcoholic beverages were down by 19%, with the exception of wine, which increased by 6%. Consumption of carbonated drinks has grown in each of the past five years. It grew 2% last year while coffee purchases declined by 1%. All statistics refer to the bar-coded market, which is approximately 70% of the entire market, excluding open markets, street vendors and small grocery stores that do not have "smart cash registers."