Toddler undergoes surgery after swallowing magnets

Boy was rushed to hospital by his parents after suffering from stomach pains and vomiting.

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baby 88
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A three-and-a-half-year-old boy who swallowed two circular magnets has been saved at Emek Medical Center in Afula. The boy was rushed to the hospital a few days ago by his parents after suffering from stomach pains and vomiting. When asked about possible causes, the father remembered buying a game with marble-shaped magnets for his son, and said it was possible the child had swallowed some. Dr. Bassam Kauar, head of the pediatric surgery department, said X-rays confirmed the presence of the magnets and the need for urgent surgery. The magnets had connected with each other powerfully, causing tears in the youngster's intestines at four different points. This endangered his life as the digested food inside his stomach was in danger of causing serious infection. In surgery, the magnets were removed and the torn intestines were sewn together. The boy's condition has reportedly improved. Kauar said that every year, dozens of children need surgery after swallowing foreign objects. He called on parents to prevent their young children from having access to small objects, be they small pieces from children's games or even hard pieces of food.