Woman dies at Sheba after getting incompatible transfusion

An 80-year-old woman died at Sheba Medical Centerafter she was mistakenly infused with blood of an incompatible type,the Tel Hashomer hospital disclosed on Sunday morning.

Shebaadministrators immediately informed the Health Ministry, which will setup its own investigation committee to look into the tragedy.

The woman, from the center of the country, arrived after midnight for emergency vascular surgery aimed at saving her two legs.

But during the operation, "an unfortunate human error occurred"in which she was given a type of blood not compatible with her own, thehospital spokesman said.

When the error was realized, efforts were made toresuscitate the patient for a long period, but they failed, and doctorshad to declare her death.

A statement was given to her family "in the transparency thatcharacterizes the hospital," the spokesman said. Then the ministry andthe press were notified.

The hospital's own initialinvestigation suggested that an anesthesiologist failed to observe therequired procedures. She has been suspended from all work at thehospital for two weeks.

Sheba expressed its sorrow and condolences to the family.