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Learning has never been so cheap.

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On the one hand, your kid's report card wasn't on, shall we say, the up and up. Lots of room for improvement. But of course, the little geniuses have their reasons for the subpar performance, especially in math and science: The teachers, the kids, the principal's so mean, a kid stole my pen on the day of the test, the dog ate my homework... except you don't have a dog. Oh, they can be smart when they want - like when they're working with the family computer. No problems running circles around you and every other adult in the vicinity when it comes to PCs. So, if your kids are better at informal education, instead of the formal kind - the kind that really counts - here's an idea; sign them up for the tutorial services at Globalscholar (, where you can use the magic of the Internet to get your kid world-class - and cheap - help in math, science, languages (including Hebrew), etc., from first grade through college. To use Globalscholar, you download a program which includes voice, instant messaging and interactive video support; if you've got a broadband connection, you'll be able to conduct a session with no problems. Prices are set by the hour, or by the question - so you have the option of doing in-depth studying or just getting occasional help. The teachers are mostly very experienced, according to their resumes, and while the service is hosted in the US, the teachers hail from all over the world - meaning that you should be able to find a teacher to schedule a session with whom you will be able to accommodate your time zone. Some of the teachers have reviews from other students, and Globalscholar has done a background check of many (but not all) teachers offering services. And learning has never been so cheap. The site is running a sale, and many of the teachers have "slashed" their prices to as low as a dollar for the first hour. Given the low dollar/shekel exchange rate, you're looking at one-on-one sessions for less than NIS 4/hour. Regular prices seem to range between $5 and $25 an hour, so you'll still get a good deal even after the promotional hour is up. If your kid gets bored by books, Globalscholar offers a hi-tech alternative providing easy-to-stomach learning.