ZioPedia takes aim at Jews, 'Holocult'

Anti-Zionist Web site barred from using Google ad space due to "Zionist Mafia."

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Due to what it calls the "Zionist Mafia," the firmly anti-Zionist ZioPedia.org Web site has been barred from using Google's ad space and donation accounts at Paypal and StormPay for the past few months. Brought to attention by the Australian Anti-Defamation League, ZioPedia breaches the three sites' acceptable use policies by promoting hate, violence or racial intolerance. Founded in May 2006 by the Sydney-based Rebel Media Group, ZioPedia is a Wikipedia-like on-line encyclopedia and a collection of blogs devaluing the Holocaust and attacking the Jewish people. The writers, mostly Jews themselves, say Jews exploit the Holocaust and anti-Semitism to control Western media and public opinion. Although editor and publisher Andrew Winkler claims to publish entries from both supporters and opponents of Zionism, the latter are blatantly marginalized or altogether absent. "The goal of ZioPedia is the dismantling of the Jews-only state and its replacement by a free, united, secular, democratic, egalitarian Palestine," he said. "As far as the Zionist settlers are concerned, we agree with the Iranian President [Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad that it should be left to the Palestinians to decide, whether to allow them to stay." The Internet had recently become a major tool for the global spread of not only anti-Semitism, but racism and hate in general, said Anti-Defamation League of Israel spokesman Arieh O'Sullivan. "It gives anonymity and has the widest reach. Its impacts are always in the back of our mind," he said. Regarding the "Holocult," the Web site said it refused "to believe in self-evident truths and known facts, promoted by psychopathic liars like the Zionist masters of treachery and deception and enforced by criminal codes." Israel is compared to apartheid South Africa, and Nobel Prize laureate Elie Wiesel is referred to as the "Weasel" and a major player in Jewish propaganda. The Web site also provides a "Goyim certification" program informing consumers which businesses have no connection to Jewish or Zionist organizations. The ADL is making preparations for a conference on the fight against on-line anti-Semitism.