Galilee Medical Faculty to get land for campus

Gov't ministerial c'tee approves allocation of 14 hectares in Safed for permanent facility set to be completed in 6 years.

Projected image of Galilee Medical Faculty 370 (photo credit: Courtesy BIU)
Projected image of Galilee Medical Faculty 370
(photo credit: Courtesy BIU)
Ten hectares (about 25 acres) of state land on the southeastern edge of Safed have been set aside for the permanent campus of the Galilee Faculty of Medicine.
A government ministerial committee approved the request this week by the faculty – which is owned and run by Bar-Ilan University.
BIU director-general Haim Glick reported that an additional 4 hectares will be allocated later for the campus, which is being constructed overlooking Lake Kinneret and is due to be completed in six years. Until then, students at the medical school – who completed their first two semesters this year – will continue to study in an old Ziv Hospital building in Safed.
The Faculty of Medicine has signed cooperation agreements with a number of hospitals in northern Israel, including the Poriya Medical Center near Tiberias, to upgrade equipment and facilities used by students in the clinical phase of their studies in local hospitals.
Medical school Dean Prof. Ran Tur-Kaspa said that its first year was successful for 250 medical students and 60 others in advanced medical research.
The announcement of approval for providing the land for the permanent campus was made at a ceremony marking the completion of renovations on classrooms at Poriya.
“What is happening in the Galilee is a miracle,” said Glick. “We were sent to carry out a holy mission of developing the Galilee and advancing medicine. We feel a powerful experience through brainstorming and cooperation, all aimed at advancing and improving the faculty of the medical faculty and health in the entire area,” he added.
Poriya director-general Dr. Ya’acov Farbstein thanked BIU for its major investment in his hospital to improve conditions for medical students during their years of clinical work.
“I have no doubt that the medical school will boost the Galilee, which will also built a scientific center including complex medical industries.
After the first year of studies, I believe we are raising the next generation of physicians.
I hope at least some of them will remain in the Galilee when they complete their studies.”

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