Health Ministry delegation heads to China

Delegation headed by Prof. Gamzu to work with counterparts on finalizing cooperation agreement between China, Israel.

RonniGamzu311 (photo credit: Sourasky Medical Center)
(photo credit: Sourasky Medical Center)
A delegation of senior Health Ministry officials headed by director-general Prof. Ronni Gamzu left for China on Sunday for a working visit. Despite the huge difference in size, the Chinese have something to learn from Israel, the ministry said.
The delegates will meet with their counterparts on finalizing a cooperation agreement between China and Israel in the field of health.
Among the topics to be discussed will be health-system financing, health-insurance systems, public health, the functioning of health funds, drug regulation and various legal aspects in the health field. A number of joint projects will be launched as a result.
Two years ago, the Treasury in Jerusalem initiated efforts to promote cooperation between the two countries, and the Health Ministry acted upon them. During the last few months, the two nations made efforts to sign a new cooperation agreement following a visit by the deputy health minister of China. Israeli health officials were then invited to that country.
Deputy Health Minister Ya’acov Litzman, who remained at home, commented that strengthening working relationships with China is very important to the health system.
“We have a very good system here, and our delegation is going to China to enable officials there to learn from the experience we have accumulated and also to learn from them as a result of their recent health reforms,” Litzman said.